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Marina’s Cape Coral Boat Repair is dedicated to enhancing your life on the water. We can help you with your paddling, boating, fishing, and sailing needs.

Cape Coral Boat Repair and Maintenance

Preventative maintenance plans and detailing/washing services take out the hassle from boat ownership. Our service makes it easy for you to walk out to your boat and put the keys in.

If your boat is damaged or in need of maintenance, we are here to assist you. Our experts are highly trained and have the necessary tools to quickly get your boat back on the water. We offer free estimates to ensure that you are fully satisfied. You’ve found a professional, friendly service at competitive rates.

Recreational Boat and Watercraft Repair

Most of our customers already know that we specialize in recreational boat repair. However, we can repair any type of boat so don’t be afraid to call us if you have a boat that needs repairs.

We are proud to do the work that we do. We offer quality products at fair prices. Our service and products are fully guaranteed.

We, at Cape Coral Boat Repair strive to provide excellent customer service and honest advice, while focusing on building strong relationships with clients.

For over 20 years, our skilled technicians and tradesmen have been fixing boats in Cape Coral. We do a wide range of repairs including gel coat, hull repairs and painting fiberglass and wooden boats.

Teak wood interior detailing boat repair

Boat Maintainance / Care

No matter if you have a large cabin cruiser or a bowrider equipped with a head compartment, each part of your boat’s interior is different.
Consider the following:

  • Cleaning Fiberglass that is non-slip
  • Vinyl care and protection
  • Cushions
  • Heads Cleaning
  • Interior surfaces (Marine carpet, fiberglass, vinyl)
  • Exterior surfaces (hull, gel-coat, canvas)
  • Engine Detailing
  • Teak Restoration

More about Cape Coral Marine Detailing

Boat and Yacht Repairs

Boat owners know that boat repairs are an integral part of ownership. We can make some repairs ourselves, but others require an experienced hand. That’s where we come into play! This is what we do every day and it shows in our work quality.

We are able to handle any type of repair and we love a challenge. Our workers are highly skilled and have extensive experience in this field. We offer structural damage repair services such as cracks in fiberglass, bend steel plates and cracks and tears.

Boat and Yacht Maintenance

Everyone loves a day on the water with their favorite toys. We need to maintain them. Whether you bring your boat in for regular maintenance or servicing, or we come with our mobile team, you can rest assured that your boat is in good hands.

Regular engine servicing should be done by professionals. Wiring needs to be inspected in order to avoid fire hazards. All other parts need to be checked regularly to ensure that there is no water loss from poor upkeep.

Installation of Boat and Yacht Parts

Let’s fit your doo-hiki if you have something that needs to be installed. We can install new navigational equipment, solar panels, fishing equipment, or outboard engines.

We want to save time and money. We don’t want any leaks when it comes to boats.


We have you covered, no matter if you are looking for a new sound system or to replace your non-skid deck with some SeaDek padding.

Although we all love how our boats look, sometimes we wish to add that extra touch. This could be a new embryoid canvas, personalized stickers or new cup holders. We’ll make your boat a true representation of your vision.

Fiberglass Boat Repair

If you are looking for fiberglass boat repair near you, we should be there. We should be on your top list. We can handle any fiberglass repair, no matter how large or small. We have the expertise and knowledge to provide the best service, no matter where it is located, whether on the bottom, the hull or the deck, or even the superstructure. We can repair fiberglass cracks, fiberglass boat hull repairs, fiberglass hole repair and fiberglass crack repair.

Fiberglass resin is a common material that we have used, such as West System fiberglass boat repair kit and Marine Tex, among many other industry-standard products.

Marine gel coat repair

You may be wondering how to repair gelcoat. We are here to show you what we can do for all your gelcoat repair needs. When it comes time to repair gelcoat, we have the experience to help you choose the right kit and prep. If you are satisfied with the fiberglass gelcoat repair we have done, we can provide a custom boat painting service. For more information, please visit the Boat Paint section.

Engineering and Engine Repair

We provide mobile and in-yard marine mechanic services. If we have the right trailer we can pick up your boat. Otherwise, we can rent one to you for the transfer via rental services.

We can help you with any boat engine repairs. We have extensive experience in both outboard and inboard engine repairs as well as jet drive engines. We are able to fix hydraulic steering problems, fuel lines, oil leaks and electrical wiring issues. We can build outboard engine stands and install outboard engines. We are able to work on all types of outboards, including Mercury, Yamaha, and Honda. We can help you with any kind of boat motor: an electric boat, an electric fishing boat, or any other type of boat motor.

Boat Covers, Canvas and Upholstery

Our boat upholstery will bring luxury, adventure, and relaxation to your waterside experience. There are many options available for all types of vessels, including boat cushions and bimini tops. Your yacht will look stunning when it has the best quality material that experts have made. It is durable enough to withstand many years of adventure at sea. If you don’t mind having fun and not roughing it all the time, boat covers are available. We’ll make sure you have whatever you need. Just let us know the size and type of craft that’s being decked today!

Jet Ski Maintenance

Jetskis can be a lot of fun, but only when they work.

Regular maintenance is necessary for these water ponies. This includes desalting, battery checking, vinyl cleaning, plastic restoration and occasional new bottom paint. We can get your Jetski ready for the water!

Product Knowledge

We’ve tried every boat cleaning product, machine tool, and boat repair tool, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We will do the hard work so you can make an informed decision. We only use eco-friendly products and use products that are durable and effective.

Dry dock, haul-out and boat bottom cleaning services

Some jobs are impossible to do while on the water. Sometimes you will need to store your boat at a boat storage facility. Both of these can be organized by us. We have divers that can clean your boat’s bottom while it is in the water. Additionally, we have painters and contractors who can remove the anti-foul layer and apply a new coat to your boat’s hull. We offer drydock services for plumbing and other services. Our environment is safe and clean.

Regular cleaning of your boat’s bottom and hull is recommended for faster boat speeds and to maintain a clean appearance of the rest.

Inspections and insurance claims

It is a good idea, regardless of whether you are buying or selling a boat, to review a checklist for used boats before signing any contracts. This checklist can be reviewed by us, or you. We will then advise you on any issues. We can help you avoid potential after-deal problems that could lead to bigger losses and more serious financial loss. Our knowledge and experience will help relieve stress and make inspections and claims as solid as rocks.

Have you ever been denied for an insurance claim?

Amazing fast service I got my trailer back and it was done in 2.5 days. Very affordable cost. They were very knowledgable on the best option to meet my needs.


Marina’s Boat Repair know upholstery. They know that getting your yacht seats upholstered is an investment. My boat interior looks like new.


I took my boat in for service and I was treated very professionally when it came to how long it would take to complete the job and was texted with updates as they progressed.


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